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Stuff about me.  Hence the page title:  "About Me"

1- I love my husband, Phil. We have been married for fifty-one years. We have one wonderful son, and an equally wonderful daughter-in-law.  They have been married for twenty-two years and have given us THREE OUTSTANDING GRANDCHILDREN.

2 - I write songs. I sing the songs I have written.   My husband and I traveled through the U.S. and Canada for many years, singing, leading worship in churches, conventions and other Christian events.

Other Christian artists have recorded some of the songs I've written. "He Has Forgiven Me","Christ In Me", "Who Is On The Lord's Side?" and other artists - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Damaris Carbaugh, John Starnes, The Couriers, The Booth Brothers and others have honored us by recording our music. 

3. I wrote a book about my amazing mother, Molly Bruno - the Modern Day "Miss Clara".  

I was so blessed to have a mother who raised me to know and love God.  She also taught me basic life skills about how to be a Christian, how to be a wife, how to be a mom, how to be a daughter. I wrote the book to SHARE her love and wisdom with younger women (and older) who did not have a mom who was able to share such things with them. It is "The Audacious Molly Bruno" (FaithWords) and it was released worldwide in April 2018.  You can order it where ever books are sold. This is an amazing thing to me.

5. I am a writer and have been for over thirty years.  I write two monthly columns in Mature Living Magazine (Lifeway) and other columns.  I have written over 400 articles in various Christian magazine.  I also write a weekly column in our local newspaper.

I wrote the "Explore The Bible Discovery" curriculum for Lifeway... on the Gospel of Luke for the Spring 2012 Curriculum.  You may have  used it in your Small Group.... or not.

My godly husband was the pastor of Harrisburg Tabernacle in Harrisburg, PA for seven years.  Harrisburg Tabernacle was affiliated with The Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Pastor Jim Cymbala. 

I speak on a very regular basis at various women's events. THIS is why God created me. It brings me great, great joy to bring God's joy and love. (email me:

I produced and was the on-air-hostess of  a Christian TV show for women that aired in the northeast for five years.  "The Marie Show."

Thanks for reading this far. 

I want you to know that God loves you. Deeply. Eternally. Fully.  My bio is centered in one identity: God loves me and gave His Son to reconcile me to His side. I am His child, I am His daughter, He has adopted me in to His Family, Without that love I have no bio.. or anything.