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Thanks for visiting my website. 

You may have heard some music my husband or I wrote, or maybe you read my book, or one of my columns in Mature Living or my weekly column in our local newspaper.  Whatever brought you here I hope you'll stay and look around or listen to some music. 

To your left are tabs you may click on to hear some songs or read some articles I've written.  

If you want to know more about my husband, Phil  - click on "About Phil"...   He is a former pastor of Harrisburg Tabernacle and worship leader and songwriter. 

I am blessed to receive invitations to speak at various women's ministry events. If you are considering inviting me, please email me at:

My mom, Molly Bruno, is a woman The Kendrick Brothers, producers of the movie "War Room" have called "The Real Miss Clara."  A clip of her interview with Stephen Kendrick is on every War Room DVD. For information about ordering my book about the lessons she taught me -  "The Audacious Molly Bruno" click here: